Our Mission

To encourage and enable giving through memorials, to work with families and be accountable to Trustees regarding specific memorial purchases.

A memorial may be established through the Memorial Committee in one of the following ways:

You may contribute a memorial gift directly to The Morganville United Methodist Church. The Memorial Committee will then send a card to the family of the bereaved indicating that a memorial gift has been given by you.

Your gift may be designated for a specific purpose, or, if you leave it undesignated its use will be left to the discretion of the Memorial Committee. If there are stipulations, specific limitations or expectations regarding a particular memorial, they must be reviewed and accepted by the Board of Trustees.

Any Questions

Please Contact:
Cindy Clayton, Chair
Email: Cindy Clayton at cindymintchip@aol.com

Mary Naughton, Co-Chair
Email Mary Naughton at marecmc@yahoo.com

Meeting Schedule

Meeting Day is When needed.